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About us

Richen Exhibit & Display Co., Ltd.  was founded in the year 2016 by a team of  professional and experienced in trade show and marketing communications activities.

We always focus on our products and fully respect your Brand.

We truly understand the importance of consistency  in branding of your company, so we always  focus on delivering high quality products and services for your trade show and events, and we always keep moving.

We are based in Shanghai and provide exhibition service for China and Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, etc. Meanwhile, our portable Display products are sold to U.S, European countries and Australia, to help our clients succeed in the shows and event activities.

We are dedicated to help our clients achieve the marketing goal through trade shows and events!


Contact: Shirley Qiu

Phone: +86 13402061153

Tel: +86 13402061153

Email: shirleyqiu@richendisplay.com

Add: No.695,Pingzhuang Road,Fengxian District, Shangahi